a new encounter

photos by Krassi

Topshop Unique jacket, COS dress, Balenciaga boots

Well, here we go on to the new roster of outerwear for this season. I love the crop, and that boxy cut and weirdly the warmest hood that could possibly exist for a jacket. I was hooked on this one since the moment of the Topshop show during the London fashion week, so waiting patiently for a couple of months was rewarded by the perfection of a jacket that my wardrobe has never encountered before. I love that snuggly upper body cover up, which mostly requires only figuring out what goes underneath. Proportions maintained (!). For the time being knitwear it is, but another look at the Topshop catwalk will probably have me convinced that a-line midi skirts are a way better option.

How is your outerwear quest going this Fall? I can't believe it's almost christmas time already.


how we came to be

Have fallen in a trap of cropped outerwear once again. Well, since this has been already set, all it requires now is figuring out what goes underneath. See the rest of it all in the upcoming post.

ps. Topshop Unique mastered the art of a perfect puffer this season.



These shots, in spirit of a Sunday night, go out to anyone wishing the weekends could have lasted at least a couple of hours longer thus letting enjoy those quiet long winter evenings with our loved ones. Uninterrupted and carefree. Time flashes by so fast though, that at least I'm trying to capture these little memories in a form of irrelevant fashion game. After all relationships is what we live for... Yet here goes... In spirit of this blog... From the top... I am obsessed with this whole leather Chucks kind of business lately. Nothing could have been more perfect than absolute whiteness. Winter proof to a certain degree and versatile beyond any measure (all the Converse lovers out there will know what I mean). Then goes that sleepy blur of a bedroom. For inspiration purposes mostly. And maybe a little bit in commemoration of my lack of sleep for the past four and a half months. Hoping there will be a night some time soon when I'll be able to slide under the covers and to indulge in about seven or eight hours of uninterrupted dreamland fairy tail. The last one is how I wear my Sophie Bille Brahe mid knuckle pearl lately. It just makes so much sense against the backdrop of a random cashmere knit.

So how was your weekend?


outerwear unanimity

photos by Krassi

Alexander Wang leather puffer jacket, Vasilieva leather skirt, Wolford Pure50 tights, Superga shoes, Louis Vuitton sunglasses

I love the kind of consistency that leather on leather look offers. So happy to have functionality issues resolved for my daily outings to the park.


mink diaries

Snapshots of the current mood. It's been a week of cold, and morning fog, and occasional drizzle. Grey skies throughout the day with freakishly random eery sunsets at around five every evening. I tried occasionally documenting a couple of them for the blog but most of the shots ended up on my instagram instead. So just head over here and check it out. 
And to sum up all of the current feelings, it's been the kind of weather when staying at home all cuddled up in blankets is what anyone would opt for. I've been doing pretty much that except the daily walks in the park with Noémie and that one Wednesday night dedicated solely to the Alexander Wang x HM pre sale event, where things did not unravel exactly as planned, but I still walked away with a little something to wear. About that a little later though... 
I have also resurrected my (a couple of seasons) old Céline biker shearling a couple of days ago. You know we go way back and I just love our seasonal fling from year to year. Styling options vary oh so much though...
And lastly, here goes an instant snap of a Maldivian sunset. Just in case you are longing for Summer already.