how it's been lately

Not sure if you guys can still relate, but robot boots time (on repeat). Shielding my feet against the infinite Belgian drizzle. Woollen socks are a pre-requisite though.


rain cloud

photos by Krassi

Acne Studios down jacket (last season), R13 jeans, Mou boots, Illesteva Beca sunglasses

Last weekend... dedicated solely to this jacket. It got so close to the point of freezing, so wrapping myself up into this was probably the most wise thing I've done then. 


december mornings

December mornings lately. I've been going through the Another Magazine bit by bit (since the luxury of sparing 20 minutes isn't for me just yet). Kate is all over this issue in the most perfect setting. Love seeing her 'real' and so so iconic. Definitely ripping a couple pages off here for framing. Then there is the fave Acne Studios Dania knit (currently available on MyTheresa with free express shipping). And a bunch of randoms I use through out the day, plus the BOX. A little something I treated myself for Christmas is coming up on the blog so so soon.


battling cold

photos by Krassi

Whistles Kumiko faux fur, J Brand leather pants, Converse, Stella McCartney sweater

Uniform of the week. I love the idea of strategical layering when your favourite sweater is purposefully relocated for functionality sake. And even more so I love the fact that the trick works with every single coat I own.

So how have you been coping with december?


if you are still around

If you are still around I promise to come back on to here really soon with a few fresh photos and a different take on things.

So sorry for keeping you waiting and much love to you guys for still sticking around. My little girl is almost six months now. I can't believe it's been so long. It is finally starting to feel like I'm beginning to get a grip of things.