la in antwerp #5yearsrenaissance

Renaissance in Antwerp celebrated 5 years a couple of weeks ago and also dropped two new LA based brands onto their shelves... Enfants Riches Déprimés and RTA (Road to Awe), which subsequently brought every day awesomeness in leather, denim and cool tees to a whole new level. In case you are feeling like your basics might require some additional grunge touch up head over to Renaissance for a wardrobe overhaul. You'll love it.


Céline cuff. Check.

Rebuilding my accessories collection into a timeless selection of things forever useful. No more disposable jewellery (!). 

ps. this one is from an older collection, but they carry similar things in stores rn.

seychelles. teaser.

Teasing you with a bunch of shots I just managed to edit before I drop the entire diary onto here in a couple of days time. Seychelles were majestic. Even the occasional rain made things so much more picturesque. Heavy clouds over the ocean... I'd take that. Any time.

Here is a mix of DSLR, iPhone and Olympus Pen shots.


when day ends

On the road kind of snapshots.

Drop me a comment if you can relate to a rainy weather right now.


fermo for #seewhatyouweartour

photos by me, Emma and Andy

If you happen to spend three days in Fermo, you will probably decide to move in to Marche region of Italy just so that you can gaze repeatedly at endless greenery and breathtaking landscapes of Italian country, but most importantly indulge in some pretty magnificent sunsets while taking walks on the beach. Fermo has it all... and more (!). It's home to a great number of artisan shoemakers, who specialise in anything from flip-flops to high end luxury footwear.

Along with Emma and Andy I was part of the #seewhatyouweartour back in October, which pretty much involved a fully packed schedule of meetings, factory visits, gourmet food and beautiful views to admire. Ok, and it was just way too easy to take photos over there (blue skies and palm tree adorned scenery in the middle of Fall, I'll take that), so I will let the pictures (and a video, which is a first for me) speak for themselves, but in case you are planning a trip to the East of the country here are a couple of tips and places to see.

Do try and land in Ancona airport, since this one is only a short drive away from Fermo. Otherwise you are faced with a three hour drive from Rome, which is ok too. There is beauty to praise pretty much along the entire ride. Head over to Colle dei Falchi to indulge in traditional Italian country living (view over Fermo and glorious sunsets included) and then occasionally pop in at Palazzo Romani Adami for a quick breakfast and a good dose of local culture too. Or grab the best pizza in town at Soul Kitchen. Be amazed at how historically intriguing Fermo town centre is. Do take a guided tour if you can. By night drive to Villa Funari in Servigliano for a luxurious dinner with locally sourced wine and cheese. For the next day visit Torre di Palme and don't get bored of tiny sidewalks and little cafes. This little village, overlooking the sea, will have you wanting to spend a couple of hours there. Explore every little bit of it. End up at the Cobà restaurant for lunch or dinner if you are into the best seafood in the region by the beach.

Just drop me a message on here if I'm missing anything or you just diced to say hello.

Click play on the video to discover shoe making culture of Marche region and connect the dots on Instagram under #seewhatyouweartour.

ps. here goes a quick list of the people responsible for some of the most impeccably crafted shoes:
Formula shoes
Luca di Vesprini
Danilo di Lea
Luca Lachini
Luca Verdi
Lorena Paggi

pps. thank you to everyone from Expool Consortium for this trip.