essence of greenery

photos by Mila

Vasilieva coat, Zara skirt, Manebi Accra espadrilles, Jérôme Dreyfuss Twee bag, Filippa K sunglasses

Today around noon... when sun was high and wind blew exactly the way it always does towards the end of summer. I have convinced myself that now it's about the right time to get back to the favourite skirt | bare legs | slouchy coat kind of formula. Debuting that white wool number from my current FW collection on here, which I never got around to finishing since taking care of my little girl is pretty much a 24/7 job now. I still got a couple of more pieces to show you, but everything is pretty much limited to outerwear for the time being. And in case you would like more information on any of the garments, just drop me an email.

Happy wednesday (even though it's almost thursday) and our girl is seven weeks old today!


cloud wearing

photos by Krassi

HM Studio coat, Isabel Marant skirt, Prada platforms

Middle of august... fall kind of weather here in Belgium and my conceptual beliefs are shifting slowly towards all perfect 'sasquatch' kind of coats. Somehow I don't own very many as I always wrap myself up in highly versatile leather. But this number does the trick just as much, even though it feels like tiny skirts are a prerequisite. And I hope you've been paying attention to that mandatory cape option this coat has to offer. 

This hits the stores on september 4th.


fair isle. august perfect.

photos by Krassi

Alexander Wang fair isle sweater, HM Trend leather shorts, Louis Vuitton sunglasses

So here goes another slouchy sweater. But, slightly progressively, not a cable knit. Fair isle is a new territory, yet it almost feels like coming home when done by Alexander Wang in a manner so graphic and so purposefully current. Weirdly making perfect sense in the middle of august.


end of day magic

An ode to a lazy day... And here go the essentials. A good Chanel read (better times two). A pair of Levi's 501s, chopped off just the right amount to make them borderline appropriate. And a perfect après storm sunset out of my window to enjoy mesmerised for about ten minutes.

How about you? How was your yesterday?

inhaling you

Carpet diaries... This time around featuring Alexander Wang Jacquetta oxfords. Haven't taken these out yet. But when that happens I will officially lose any privileges to complain about long distance walks. And cut outs are so on point. Just saying.