all things fall

I spotted a couple of deers the other day in the park (!). Except that everything is just the way it should be... Official parka time started on wednesday, and so did the reign of endless downpour, covering up the entire country in mist, thick layer of clouds and just grey in general. How has your october been?


what are you?... to define is to limit...

photos by Krassi

Arrogant Cat London dress, 360 Cashmere sweater, Theyskens' Theory Waren bag

On a warm almost summery day a couple of weekends ago. I have basically thrown together a bunch of favourites and gone all black&white just to make sure I tick that box before winter really hit the city.


zara knows me well

My kind of shoe through and through. Have been waiting for these since the release of Zara lookbook of the season. I love how masculine vibes have overtaken the entire footwear section of my closet. Not unpredictably though. These are so perfectly aligned, crucially laceless (can't stand tying things up and dealing with all the leftover laces swinging haphazardly back and forth while you walk), special enough and can easily be elevated for the night. Breaking into these as we speak (!).


it's been a while

photos by me

1. Women's Secret and Pravda PressRoom are being so lovely for sending over a couple of things that go underneath it all. Light as air... And most picturesque against my old D&G shearling. 
2. YSL and HM best moment together. Round frames just never get old.
3. An old shot I took somewhere in between travels. Most possibly in Russia. Years ago. #winteriscoming
4. A road to LV as this is Singapore.


justified by intellectual approval

photos by Mila

Vasilieva wool coat, R13 jeans and t-shirt, Converse, Illesteva Beca sunglasses

Black and blue make up for that perfect amount of darkness.