ping pong

Just a quick note on the most perfectly fitting sunglasses I have ever had. I've gone back to my roots and picked up a pair of wooden handmade shades right from the heart of Russia. Brilliantly crafted and feather like light. It almost feels like they've been permanently integrated onto my face (as weird as this sounds, haven't taken them off for days). So loving the idea of yellow, slightly mirrored, lenses bordering wenge wood in a somehow repellent yet such an appealing texture diffusion. And in case you are curios about other colours and shapes, head over here to check out their entire range.



photos by Mila

Zara Studio coat (last season), Alexander Wang jeans, Dorothee Schumacher shoes, Woodsun sunglasses

A little late in the game, but rolled up jeans and kitten heels are suddenly more important than any other duffle coat relevant footwear. Semi sun kissed shots and possibly the best wooden sunglasses I could ever imagined possible. Somehow that whole concept by the motherland based brand Woodsun just makes sense. But more on that later. Keeping it clean and brief for the purposes of the duffle.

Enjoy the rest of today.



I love the idea of sun kissed kitten heels against stone cold greys of that Saint Laurent sweater (on sale right now). Reviving argyle pattern for warmer days is so typically me. Have been staring at this one online for months. Are you thinking denim cut-offs right now too? 

Follow me through the wardrobe transitions from winter to sunshine.



photos by Mila

Stella McCartney cardigan, Acne Studios Mape jacket and scarf, 3.1 Phillip Lim sweater, J Brand leather pants, Zara D'Orsay flats

Layers. There is no holding back on the amount of clothes one can opt for in the final hours of winter. The perfect scenario for purposelessly floating around the city during the evening walks. Oh, and these Zara flats are definitely worth checking out. The latest acquisition and the new favourites. Stocking up on walkable footwear. So me.


lips. new life.

Aesop Rosehip Seed lip cream. The new life... for my ever dry and bitten up to the point of no return lips. The perfect hydration in one tiny tube of 0.2oz does more for your lips than you could ever even begin to hope for. Being as low maintenance as I am skincare wise, I'm pretty much getting rid of all the lip balms I've accumulated to date. This baby just does it all.

Have you been using any Aesop products before? How has the experience been for you?

ps. changed the format of photos on the blog a little. hoping you'll be able to see the bigger picture now.