Double back babes. The kind of classics you know will do well in any wardrobe setting. Loving mine with a good knit and zero other accessories added.

Here are a few guilt free options for you guys.


stop and smell the flowers

Powder elevated hues of everything on here. Add the softest flowery scent to the equation, so gentle yet intense enough to have your other half wanting to wrap his arms around you and never let go. Inhale the 'flower market', those moments you'd love to keep in you memory for always, locations you've visited so frequently, cities you lived in and most importantly those scents..., so dear to your heart. 

You know what I'm talking about.

I've never been big on perfumes until Replica. The most pure of them all.



Vasilieva leather dress (created with @fiencasier for MAD Parcour a while ago), Magdalena faux leather pants, HM Trend silk shirt, THP cuffs

On the dark side... my kind of gear. Layered up game of textures and monochromes.




Back to last Saturday... the Footprint exhibit in Antwerp. In a nutshell, it was brilliant, diverse, both expected and unexpected all at once, overwhelming at times, provocative and often daring, yet pretty much for anyone out there. Regardless your personal footwear preferences you'll definitely be able to relate. So in case you are feeling a little under the weather and are in desperate need of some inspiration to get your footwear game to a whole new level, head over to Antwerp to catch the last week of this showcase at the MoMu. I promise you'll love it.



CĂ©line coat and bag, Stella McCartney sweater, Cos pants, Golden Goose sneakers (here, and here)

Early bird in Antwerp on a Saturday morning. Went to catch the last week of the 'Footprint' exhibit at the MoMu and to stroll the streets in peace... window gazing, before all the shoppers have woken up.

ps. up next 'Footprint' snapshots