Thank you for the love Triangl swimwear! I love that dark superhero version of a classic bikini. Booking my holiday as we speak and still hoping to be able to catch some sun on the Belgian coast too. Before eternal rain covers up this country until at least march next year.


save the day

photos by Krassi

Isabel Marant skirt, 3.1 Phillip Lim sweater, Balenciaga watch

It's all in details. I'm loving the look of stiff/structured and highly textural pieces coming together. Getting a little bit tired of always black skirts or denim cut-offs. So here goes... that folded mini will probably save the day for me throughout September.


rain cloud

photos by Krassi

Stella McCartney cardigan, R13 t-shirt, Levi's 501 cut-offs, Alexander Wang Irene flats, Louis Vuitton  sunglasses

Post weekend formula. I love that September is ever forgiving. At least during the sunny afternoons. Your basic white tee and denim cut-offs are still on high rotation.


from now on

Some of the HM Studio items, which hit selected stores today(!) and a bunch of random favourites to start off this thursday. Khaki sweater and sheer bell sleeves hit all the high notes for me especially when going back to all the possible combinations early fall has to offer. You know what I'm talking about here... skirts, and shorts, and bare legs, and covered up everything else. It's the kind of temperatures that give you plenty of options to toy around with and will probably last only for a couple of weeks. So go on and get your ultimate fall piece in Brussels or Antwerp today.

ps. in case you are new on here, check out some of the previous posts for details.

and you can ask me in comments for outfit details.


looking too closely

photos by Mila

So not leaving my comfort zone of tiny skirts and sweaters especially when the latter are almost a perfect match to my hair colour. It is much greener in real life though. The sweater I mean. But in pre sunset light it is just that. Ideally balanced excessive ribbing. And that deep V of course. HM Studio kind of hit the spot on that one. Favourite.