that smets

photos by me and Krassi

Smets... You've given me a ton to think about at least until February, 14th. My fist proper visit to the Brussels modern cool girl/guy heaven. And by proper I really mean the time when I had a solid 20 minutes to walk around the 3000 square meters space and let my camera do the job. A kid in a candy store kind of experience. Loved their designers selection and how pretty much the coolest items from each collection are handpicked for the most fussy customer.

In a nutshell:
1. Oddly, menswear is the most camera friendly kind of fashion there is
2. Abyss in a form of a coffee table
3. 3.1 Phillip Lim Vendetta cross body - in chess board variation
4. Pamela. Head to toe almost bare. This makes me wonder whether anyone else except her could pull off that tattoo-esque attire
5. Apparently my fixation on tables is ever expanding
6. Fake exray-ing never goes out of style
7. Upstairs. Gazing. If that's even a good description at all
8. Just gone through the entire list of brands Smets stocks up on in order to juggle my memory on the creator of that vest. Blushing. Voila, here it is Rizal
8. All good things

There has been a Louboutin presentation yesterday too, but this will get some coverage in one of the upcoming posts.


  1. This place look amazing



  2. Wow, looks great! Wish I could check out these places!


  3. great photos!

  4. Love Smets! It's like every girls dream! (but bad for the wallet!)

  5. this is wicked! wish i could visit, sounds crazy good
    taylah x

  6. awesome place!
    Angela Donava

  7. The Ivan Navarro light installations are too fun, terrific work!


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