courchevel photo diary

photos by me and Krassi

February 10 - 17

Lucky monday - I managed to narrow down all my Courchevel photos to 102, which is still disturbingly oversized, but I just felt like leaving out anything important would defeat the whole purpose of a diary. And here goes... my second visit to the French Alps, which mostly consisted of absolute whiteness, meters and meters of snow, morning snowboarding activities and wondering around the village for the most of afternoon, me discovering that packing up all things summer for the trip was actually a good idea, especially for indoorsy evenings in an overheated chalet, tons of vintage wear (which altogether is probably worth about 35 euro) and multiple pairs of heels, and zero handbags (all outlawed by my resin backpack from the SS'13 collection), and my newly found obsession with earmuffs (love that retrospective 6th grader feeling when wearing these), unlimited knitwear choices and a khaki fedora, which finally represents a number one well-fitting hat in my closet. 

You can formspring me for things I was wearing or any other random questions. Here are just a few details in a nutshell - Topshop SNO jacket, Zara khaki fedora, Balenciaga Derby boots, Alexander Wang leather puffer jacket and lacquered knit in oxblood, HM Trend fringed dress, COS angora dress, Burberry Prorsum boots, Vasilieva Nude onepiece swimsuit and white resin backpack (all SS'13).

Loved the whole chalet-instead-of-a-hotel experience, but back to real life now... I am currently working on updating my website with the new SS'13 campaign shots and getting the lookbook ready for you guys. I shot the entire collection myself this time around with a sole purpose of keeping the spirit of the looks as cohesive as possible. Photos coming up soon.


kcomekarolina said... [Reply to comment]

cool pics!

xoxo from rome

Malu Swartjes said... [Reply to comment]

so gorgeous! :)
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Discover my Stylish Confessions♥

Aubrey and Melissa said... [Reply to comment]

So many amazing photos! That Donald Duck sweatshirt is so cute!

Lama Ibrahimli said... [Reply to comment]

Reminds me so much of fashiontoast! You have super pretty hair, and in love with the sandal heels <3


MakiMaki Vintage said... [Reply to comment]

What a time! Loving the Donald Duck sweater. Fave look.


Kalina said... [Reply to comment]

beautiful mix <3

Nathan Moy said... [Reply to comment]

Such great shots, love the white look of the wintry views, so chic.

xx The Provoker

Anouka said... [Reply to comment]

Amazing photos! I wish I was there.


alex said... [Reply to comment]

I love this place!

Lida Vinnikova said... [Reply to comment]

fantastic photos!)

Lenas World said... [Reply to comment]

Tolle Bilder, du hast so schöne Haare:)


COSMICaroline said... [Reply to comment]

Such inspiration, love it!!!

Laura Borlakova said... [Reply to comment]

It`s so beautiful. Amazing pictures. I hope you had a nice days))


ponyhunter said... [Reply to comment]

wow, looks great, I can't wait to take my skis out of storage when winter returns here :)

ASH said... [Reply to comment]

Love every single photo. Your backpack is amazing.

EdgyCuts said... [Reply to comment]

<3 <3 <3
So positively inspiring!

A La Mode said... [Reply to comment]

Wow this trip looks so amazing! I love that shot of the wooden steps in the snow.

I've been craving a beach holiday but now you're making me change my mind!

Tasha said... [Reply to comment]

Great pics! I thought it looked like the French Alps! My partner's family is from a few valleys over, so I am quite familiar with the area xxx


QueenLina said... [Reply to comment]

nice photos! :*


Navneet Singh said... [Reply to comment]

Amazing clicks!!!
Love your blog..


Villy K said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks for the pics.....they r lovely :)

MRSKA said... [Reply to comment]

Love it.