last thursday in brussels with diesel + edun

photos by Emma and me

Diesel invited me to the re-opening of their newly refurbished store in Brussels. Dramatic black-and-whites of the night followed up as a result. I guess I might be in this mode when anything monochrome (especially in a picture form) feels like it is capable of telling the story better.

Back to Diesel. They did a collection with Edun, which mainly revolved around the ultimate denim basics and anything one might require to pair these with, while still raising awareness about creative opportunities in Africa by incorporating raw, untreated textiles and style vibes popular in South Africa in the '70s. Clothing so much more appropriate for Spring. But Spring isn't here. Bummer.


  1. I really love your blog and your pics!


  2. niiiiiiiiiiiiice!!!!love the photos!

  3. Oh my oh my! Awesome post and thanks for sharing hun!
    I really like your blog. Come by! We can follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin and Facebook ;)!

    That sounds like a lot, so I'll leave the links here to make it easy for you:
    Instant Milk link
    Facebook page link
    Bloglovin link

    Come by soon!

  4. I love Brussels! The event seems to be a funny one :)


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