all good things that you wish never ended

1. One of those 'good sunset' days. Just enough clouds and that purple peachy kind of setting against the darkening landscape. I've acquired quite a collection of these by now. Perks of having your windows exposed to the kind of scenery throughout solid three or four evenings a week now. Would you guys like a dedicated post?

2. Skincare routine... the only essential that really does it for me - Avène Cold Cream. Getting addicted to the idea of not having to purchase a separate eye cream too. I'm just having it smudged all over my face and it's all radiant and glowing in an instant (ignore that cheesy line there, but it's still good stuff though). I also use any boring facewash I find at a random drugstore. Nothing particularly complicated. Too many products in a medicine cabinet tend to get me confused and I quickly lose track of what is supposed to be applied when and for whatever reason. Keeping it as spartan as possible.


  1. I have this cream! I love it, works perfectly for my skin!

    Carly's Closet

  2. Anonymous24.5.13

    You've gotten my attention on that cream. Your 'cheesy' line worked ;)


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