Catching up on life this sunday (this really is an honest attempt to do so). I have conditioned myself to not working at least one day a week, but there is really no way out especially when it comes to designing. Currently crafting leather dresses (that glue stuff you are supposed to be using there is a killer... nasty stuff). 

This morning I've gone through a bunch of my most used accessories (trying to get back to those requests I've gotten over email) for you. I do have stuff scattered all over our place, but here are the most cherished possessions. I did try to organise them a little... at least for today. There aren't many and as little choice as possible is so highly appreciated at times. So I hope all the rambling below will do it for you.

Balenciaga watch has been a birthday present from mom. I'm not sure now whether she was specifically aiming for this particular piece all the way, but there was no opposition on her side after me heading over to the Balenciaga website. To tell you the truth, it still takes me longer than normal to put together the hours and minutes from the two rotating discs (no arrows!!), but the whole boxiness and no additional bracelets requirement of this number really does it for me. 

Jennifer Zeuner wishbone necklace was a gift from Krassi. I love it how it's almost not there, yet so delicately present.

Dogeared Karma necklace is a piece that wouldn't leave my neck through the entire summer last year. I think I might have even showered with it. I'm having a break from it now, but it really might be the time to reconsider.

Asos bird bracelet - one of the more random acquisitions. I love knowing I still have it.

COS split cuff ring - it does justice to any outfit by simply being present there. Love the fact that it requires no additional randomness.

Alex Monroe wired knot ring (similar). Everything just starts there. It was the first ever piece I got at net-a-porte about two and a half years ago. Haven't taken it off since (well, except for the time when it broke open and I rushed to a jeweller to solder it back into one piece).

Monica Vinader Fiji rose gold bracelet - another gift from Krassi. 

Jules Smith Americana choker is an awesome piece for pretty much anything. Perfectly stiff in a good 'choking' kind of way. Love it with black or white dresses (ultimately floor length).

Russian orthodox ring, which reads 'save and protect'. Back in my childhood almost every girl I knew would have one. Fashion irrelevant... yet somehow so awkwardly timeless. I do wear mine on random occasions.

SunaharA Malibu Suna mid-knuckle rings are on highest rotation at the moment. It is such a can't-live-without kind of feeling about these. I did loose one of the four about two weeks ago and almost went on to shopbop for a close enough substitute. But then it reappeared on the floor next to my clothing rack a few days later. A whole new level of happiness. 

Grapefruit is there just for the fun for it. So camera friendly. Sunday breakfast ritual. 



  1. Happy belated bday!
    love the watch


  2. i've been obsessed with dainty simply jewelry and i love the collection you have here :)

    hope you are doing well babe,



  3. Obsessed with your jewelery!


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