she laced her fingers into mine

photos by me and Emma

At Agent Provocateur store opening last night... Antwerp is equipped with one of those now (Schuttershofstraat. Just pointing you out in the right direction).

So fixated on the idea of all things lace lately. And this is even more satisfying when translated into various shapes and colours of 'whatever goes underneath it all' by Agent Provocateur. I've done my fair bit of bra basics and I might just be ready to move on to things that are leaving slightly less to imagination. Speaking of which, just take a look at that one-piece number. I'm even getting excited about all the functionless options these zip inserts have to offer. It is almost borderline inappropriate, yet perfectly non-boring even when zipped all the way up.

Just head over to Antwerp and see for yourself. The store is absolutely mesmerising and I almost ended up spending the entire evening in one of their fitting rooms. Couldn't stop staring at that wallpaper. So imagining it for my bedroom right now.


  1. Really great pics <3 I adore Agent Provocateur !!

  2. I love your vest!

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