generic moments

Frustrated packing moments as I'm trying to whittle down my wardrobe to suitcase appropriate proportions before tomorrow's early morning flight to Crete... Grinning with excitement right now. At least footwear options were all settled pretty much in a matter of two seconds. No questions marks there. I really should be heading for a shower right now and then a ten o'clock call to bed (so not excited about potentially falling asleep on a plane and awkwardly sliding onto stranger's shoulder).

The other two shots are the most recent instagrams: tuesday selfie and my living room window moment  in pre sunset hour.

(left to right) Prada platforms, CĂ©line flats, Givenchy sandals, Topshop pumps, Zara espadrilles and flatforms, Alexander Wang Fabianas


  1. I love your eyeliner! Have fun in Crete!

  2. I love your shoes collection! Keep up with your blog, I love it! You're doing an amazing job!

    Carly's Closet

  3. Anonymous27.6.13

    Wow, you're coming to Greece?? Perfect for summer, enjoy the sun, sand, beaches and food!


  4. Have fun in Greece! Morning flights are amazing! The atmosphere is so cool and everything. Those Celine slippers are gorgeous, I want them so bad!


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