dior. scented. and freshly squeezed.

photos by me and Mila

Last week in Moscow. I went to GUM for a little tour of their Dior meets Moscow installation, which has taken over one of the ground floor isles, commemorating that second fashion show by the French house that took place a couple of weeks earlier right in the middle of Red Square. They have about a dozen of installations with half a century old photos staring right at you, honouring everything that is iconic about the brand. And then there are La Collection Privée tiny fragrance bottles and all that is important about little Miss Dior... My point being if you have about 20 minutes to spare while in Moscow make your way to what appears to be one of the most captivating photo exhibits I've ever experienced.


  1. The film posters are soo kool


  2. Beautiful post as usual and your outfit in on point. Love how those pants fit!

    xx Lindsey | Complacency Kills

  3. cool!



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