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Here is what it boils down to, since apparently a lot of my readers tend to get most curious about my makeup routine:

Guerlain Precious Light concealer - I don't use any foundations. None whatsoever. I just can't stand the stuff on my face throughout the entire day and then there is the whole skin matching dilemma too, which I never seem to get quite right. If you are really meticulous about it, then there is never just one. You have to mix and match a bunch of them just to get things right (if you are lucky). And on top of all this I do have tricky skin, so pore clogging anything really doesn't do any justice to it. Feel free to ignore me on this one, but the only thing I occasionally use is this concealer, which is liquid just the right amount and does wonders blending in. I love it for highlighting eyelids before you get to drawing your cat eye.

Estée Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge liquid eyeliner - there is no way I could have been able to draw a more perfect cat eye without this. Most of the time I get it in brown, but lately so so tempted to try out the dark grey version. And, by the way, it lasts forever... investment alert!! I used to overdose on random cheaper versions of liquid liners before until last Fall I started getting allergic reactions to these things, elevated to the point of swollen eye lids and all the possible reactions that come with it. So I was forced to make a switch (never liked changing things though) and so far so good... fingers crossed. I also use Clinique Eye Defining liner on random occasions. This one is incredible too, but unfortunately it only comes in black (according to the sales lady).

Then there is Estée Lauder Lash Primer Plus - I've been meaning to try this for years, but was never sure what exactly it did to my lashes. All I heard from everyone was how they use 'primer' all the time. Then I found this one at a random airport while doing unnecessary pre-boarding shopping. Googled around a little bit on instructions and now it's pretty much the most addictive eyelash enhancer. In case you got bored reading all details I'll get right to it. Apply it right before using your mascara for more dramatic lashes. It is colourless, so I guess there are possibilities of using it on its own too.

Now the actual mascara - Estée Lauder Sumptuous Extreme - I'm still on that same brand here. Really love this one (in dark brown too) and usually buy it in bulk, just to make sure that once I run out I have another tube to resort to.

I'm not big on lipsticks, but here are a few that really become relevant on random occasions, causing no smudges or weird lip biting desire and sort of tend to take on such a natural form that become visible just enough yet almost not there. I love Dior Addict nr. 222 (nude with a touch of shimmer) and nr. 579 (almost like baby pink blush on your lips). And Estée Lauder Pure Colour in Brilliant Bare for the best bare lips effect.

Chloé Eau de Parfum is the one and only I don't want to stop using (for years now). And I like having to take only one perfume when travelling as my shoes and bags take up most of the luggage allowance. If you get this one in 30ml, you are all set for a bunch of trips.

If you don't feel like going through any of the above just click on a bunch of things below. I added a couple of extras too (and there is more to the right).


  1. Anonymous9.7.13

    the photos are gorgeous and so is your makeup! thanks for explaining everything in so much detail! i'll definitely have to check these products out:)

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