schooled up

photos by Mila

Such a perfect warm day in Knokke. Suited up in all things Theory. That skirt was a primary buy with an added on blazer almost a year later. Somehow the kind of equation and a fluid nude tee require nothingness on hair and accessories front. And my relationship with Claras is still on (and they are almost as perfectly comfortable as any 11cm heel can be).

But if you are more mesmerised by that pink fountain.... I get that. Do make your way to Knokke if you are visiting Belgium at any point. Sporadically spread out things like Maje, Zadig & Voltaire, 7 For All Mankind and good old Francis Ferent might require you attending carefully to streets other than Zeedijk.


  1. Love your outfit! you look simply amazing here


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  2. Anonymous31.7.13

    A very interesting way of writing

  3. Beautiful photos! Love your outfit!

  4. those shoes are fab!!! can I ask you about their fit?? r they small or big fitting???

  5. @love.. need.. desire..

    these fit pretty much true to size. maybe just slightly on a larger side, but really really slightly. hope this helps.


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