things that matter, once you get used to them

Things that have now become staples. I love these new Frends headphones a weird amount... strangely they do exactly what is expected from them look disturbingly awesome and perfectly female in any case scenario. I've narrowed things down to about a hundred songs on my iPad, just to have things on constant replay while travelling. Love going back to everything familiar most of the time and trying to pick up on moments I've missed out earlier.

Guys from ONecklace sent me something lovely last week. It's almost like if-you-wanna-know-my-name-it's-right-there kind of moment. Somehow over the years I never managed to stock on anything bearing my name, so this one is a first. Love stockpiling it with other tiny things around my neck. And then there is that new obsession with 1/4 of a halo hair clip, but head over here to discover more about it.

Last shot is from a couple of days ago... taken literally minutes before storm at that exact moment when only a fraction of the sky is still sunlit and the rest of it is looming with raven darkness and you know that you will be soaking wet in a matter of seconds if you won't make your way to whichever shelter there is. I got my fist copy of Russian Interview, which is close to being a year old. Still trying to figure out if I like it or not.


  1. Liking the last shot and the furry headphones are so adorable ;) Btw, do take a look at my new outfit resort post from my trip to Los Angeles featuring leg-elongating wide legged trousers (if you're into that sorta' thang lol), let me provoke you away! ;)

    xx The Provoker

  2. i need those the action photo of you and the purple wall adds a nice element! xxx

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  4. Anonymous24.7.13

    loving all the textures! your blog is full of such amazing and inspiring images!

    XO Sahra


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