doing mileage in these boots | weekendproof

photos by me and Delphine

Ended up getting home way later than usual after a day/night at Wecandance last Sunday. Was scouring for appropriate photos to post up, but take a look for yourself. And if you've been there this past weekend, you know that the whole thing was so good at exceeding everyone's expectations. My dress up strategy mostly revolved around that one (infamous by now) Stylestalker Speed number (I lost it in a drive way near home, while carrying a ton of things from the car, only found it two days later, still intact, carefully folded and near my staircase, someone's been very sweet, thank you), having subsequently optioned for a little silky slip dress and some highly inappropriate fur. Bare legs strategy made everything exactly okay though.

Hope we are doing this next year again, Wecandance!


  1. great photos. i especially love the 2nd one with all the glitter etc in the sky. awesome.

    reckless abandon blog

  2. fantastic photos! looks absolutely amazing!

  3. Love the photos! Looks like it was amazing! x

    Rosa {Rosa & Fox}


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