friday night formula

photos by Krassi

HM jeans and hat, Pencey Standard Crew tee, Alexander Wang Siri pumps and Dumbo clutch, Jennifer Zeuner Theresa Lariat necklace

Floppy fedora cover-up and a rusty car wash door make it all about that lower body formula... Jeans and shoes, more specifically. The easily thrown together blacks and nudes are so trusty at this point that I'm contemplating to never change the current colour palette of my wardrobe.

Heading to Zeebrugge tomorrow for the first edition of WECANDANCE on the Belgian cost. Hope to see you guys there! Tickets are still available here or at the entrance.


  1. Anonymous10.8.13

    great outfit! have fun at wcd, i'm jealous :)

  2. Cool look, still a huge fan of hats!

    Lisa - AT LEAST BLOG

  3. Love that hat! I want one! x

    Rosa {Rosa & Fox}

  4. Anonymous11.8.13

    I love your jeans Elena x



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