lipstick cones

photos by Krassi

Pencey Standard tee, Ksubi Alberceque shorts, HM hat, Céline Trio bag, Zara flats

I seem to love a lot of things that resemble proper stilettos but aren't. I've been to three Zara stores scouring for these flats, which initially looked abnormally attractive in black on their website. Rouge shoe so isn't my thing. It's almost like red lipstick, which scares the heck out of me and which would only happen behind the closed doors of my bathroom for the sake of a makeup play. The point being, I'm so not consistent and I picked up this red version mostly for the purposes of challenging myself and trying to fit irregularities into my wardrobe. What do you guys make of these?

Ps. many of you asked about the fit of these pumps - the red ones seem to be slightly small to size, and the black ones are a little more loose (yet not as comfortable).

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  1. I think the red is brilliant. It's such a delicate shape with and equally striking color. Love 'em.


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