new skin

photos by Delphine

HM Trend slip dress, Topshop Parton2 boots, Theyskens' Theory Waren bag, Via Veneto coat

Beach in Zeebrugge offers you that kind of playground scenario. Desert like feeling with that ideal amount of skyline exposure and the most perfect August moment when you get just enough cold wind to make wearing a fur coat so okay. We were at the WECANDANCE festival that day, and in the middle of things made our way down to the beach... to gaze at seagulls, and kites, and the North sea mostly. I gotten that ideal amount of sand exposure on my Partons, taking away about 80% of their new-ishness and getting to that exact point of 'outfit awesome' (still not disintegrating, but so properly worn in).

A little diary from the festival is coming up in the next post.


  1. Anonymous13.8.13

    such beautiful pictures! you look great in that fur coat :)

  2. wow gorgeous photos! love the lighting. the sky looks amazing.

  3. Anonymous13.8.13

    That second shot is incredible x

  4. Amazing photos :)
    Do you want to follow each other, let me know?!

  5. nice! your style and blog remind me of rumi neely a lot! :))

  6. That coat is incredible! x

    Rosa {Rosa & Fox}


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