accidental unanimity

photos by Delphine (my talented intern)

Just Female silk slip dress, HM Trend silk tank, Céline bag, Alexander Wang Joana shoes

That moment when carrying hefty camera gear on a daily basis and a random instant of spotting that weirdly addictive location pays off to a greater degree of blogging satisfaction. If I'm making any sense here at all. Just give me a heads up and I will try to explain myself better, in case you disagree. 

Here goes the look that I had on during the first day of Stockholm fashion week. Minus the shoes. Back then walkability issues didn't seem to matter, so a pair of Célines instead caused for zero scarifies. I'm replicating the whole number again. For the sake of rewearing and having it all properly documented. Morbid black on black on black in its cleanest and simplest form so does the trick for me. I was almost running out of ways to wear that slip when I stumbled on a perfectly matching tank in HM in Stockholm and this is when things started to make sense again. I'm so into that kind of accidental unanimity.

PS. Stockholm diary is coming up on the blog towards the end of the week. Can't wait to share all the photos with you from my first full on fashion week.


  1. Your hair is awesome!

  2. love the shoes

  3. gorgeous dress!


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  5. Love the look dear. Especially liking those shoes. x

  6. Such a perfect dress. Love how you combined it with the AW Joana shoes.

    x Jony

  7. wow amazing!


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