golden light... the perfect amount of

photo by Dena Huys

Scotch & Soda men's shirt (now in stores), HM Trend one piece, Frends Layla headphones

Photo from the time when driving to Oostende was one of the favourite summer moments. I feel like winter will now last for three billion years, so I might just keep on staring at this shot. Mostly for reminiscing purposes. I'm so drawn to the idea of having that boyish shirt dressed up with a sleek one piece (that utmost level of femininity that my wardrobe will ever allow for). If only it were ok to duplicate that whole ensemble for off beach purposes. Questionable level of appropriate.

Scotch & Soda collab part three. Still four to go.


  1. This photo is breathtaking!


  2. Anonymous12.9.13

    I LOVE how you styled this book! The jacket works well with that bathingsuit!

  3. haha that is so nice, I know the photographer! Your blog is getting better and better, I love all of your pictures!


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