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Shampoo talk... I finally feel ok to tell you something other than 'I use any random shampoo I find in a supermarket' story. Kevin Murphy

I've been handed a bunch of random samples during Stockholm Fashion Week, most of which actually remained in Stockholm, but some higher power made me throw these little K bottles into my suitcase. Thank you... And trust you me things become the most appealing when they have 'Angel Wash' written all over them.  

... My hair is different. And it's only been one wash so far. Ordering a batch of full sized bottles as we speak. Absolute addiction status from now on and I'm down to minimal brushing and styling (if you can even call regular blowdrying that).


  1. I´ve been checking the web and now want to give a try...
    Where can i make an order??

    Thanks in advance

  2. I swear by KM and have been using their moisturising Hydrate Me range since 2009... Plus the dry shampoo, spray and texture thingie. Love everything. The only one I didn't like was the heat-protecting one (blue products) - my scalp really reacted to them...
    As for Angel Wash - I remember the smell was particularly beautiful and I adore the pink colour! :)

  3. @† Elmo †

    selected products are sold here

    and here

    hope this helps

  4. I tried the "summer waves" effect (don't remember the exact name) and honestly, it's not a revolution... :/ I'm a little disappointed !

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