stockholm fashion week

photos by me

August 26 - 28

A brief diary of things that happened over the three days of fashion week in Stockholm + the most captivating moments. There has been Dagmar, and then the Swedish School of Textiles, and Ida Sjostedt, and finally Whyred. Weirdly I think I enjoyed the graduate work above all. It was the cleanest Scandinavian epic drama and so innocent to a certain degree and not yet corrupted by whatever commerce does to fashion houses. Sheer menswear from Emelie Johansson made me want to do all things boyish and whatever the standards of sophisticated simplicity one can attempt to set, Anna Margareta Svensson beats them all.

Loved Stockholm to pieces. Hoping to be able to make it back there again some time soon (at least for the sake of snapping proper outfit shots).

Just drop me a comment (or ask) for details from the shows or things that I was wearing.


  1. Anonymous7.9.13

    I have to say the single shot of the cream and/white colored dress from the fashion show was my favorite! LOVE the design on that.

  2. These shots are incredible! That sleeveless gray mohair dress is to die for.

  3. Wow what amazing shots! Those black and white looks are amazing - can't wait to get my hands on pieces like that!

    Hope you have a great weekend! :)

    sorelle in style

  4. Wonderful! Looks like it was an amazing week of fashion. Love the neutrals and your images are so lovely. It's always nice to see a blog that is sharing quality work. Well done.

    Peace, Lòve, & Good Chocolate,

    PARIS //
    Instagram: @CharcoalAlley

  5. awesome that u attended! x

  6. Lovely pics!


  7. Anonymous8.9.13

    seems so fun, and love ur look :)

  8. STOP being soooo chic babes! OMG that shot with your swooshing your hair and your lips and that piece, OMG mega mega chic! A funny thought entered my mind, that if I were to look like Bryan Boy (which I hope I don't), then you will be my Rumi Nelly fashion toast partner in crime, I mean fashion lol ;)

    xx The Provoker


  9. @Nathan Moy

    haha, the shots with the wang jacket. i was hoping you'd like them. here goes a big thank you to whoever invented a remote control for the DSLR. lets you go crazy and kind of be so yourself at the same time.

    We should have our own duo though. this would only be fair ))) Next time I"m in London, we ll do something crazy.

  10. Love the blog!! Great photos too..rock it girl :)



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