watching weeks go by

1. Paris pre-packing game. Isabel Marant. Balenciaga.
2. Saturday uniform unanimity with that vintage velvet skirt being addictive to the level of intolerable.
3. Lone woods situation a few weeks ago.
4. By far the most favourite read of the moment. All Hollow. Sci-fi kind of editorials. Near future possibilities.
5. Scouting fot locations. Give me a heads up if you know anything like that in Belgium (except parkign58 maybe).
6. Selling there on here.
7. Sunset out of the window gaze.
8. Skirt (!) + silk slip + these scary things.
9. That moment when bra straps visibility is OK.
10 + 11. Brussels uniform. Things I wear when working at the studio.
12. New everything. Vasilieva. About 99% ready.
13. Antwerp. I guess you all know what these are. Happy Birthday Dear Academy.
14. One more of these.
15. Cologne. Beauty in such a strangely specific way.
16. Extract from a couple of posts ago. All melancholic but weather appropriate.
17. Another one on 'blackness' that I really need to snap out of.


  1. Anonymous22.9.13

    I love your style and these photos!


  2. the photos are amazing!♥ love the cream sweater!:)

  3. nice post!

  4. What a great style <3

  5. Woooow those pictures are amazing! I really love it!!! Such an inspiring post! Thank you for the share, Lima xoxo

  6. nice style gurl !

  7. these pics are so awesome, your posts are always inspiring


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