photos by Delphine

I know you are probably more distracted by that Stella McCartney sweater, but I'll get to the important point here... I almost thought things can only sound as good through the medium of headphones before I nearly cried to James Blunt's 'Bonfire Heart' a couple of days ago. Music listening experience has just elevated to a whole new level for me. The trick is to keep your eyes closed and let the lyrics soak through your flesh and swirl up somewhere within you so that you are able to take it all in. This what Momentum On-Ear headphones by Sennheiser do to you.

And just to illustrate the entire range of awesomeness (technicalities aside), they come in seven delicious colours and you can get your pair at Fnac or Saturn (that of course if you live in Belgium or just rummage around online if you live elsewhere).


  1. Argh so obsessed with your sweater :) love the headphones too

    The Koalafornian x

  2. love your sweater!


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