vasilieva fw'13-14

Mo Li lensed by Oona Smet

Another revelation... I'm on a roll with all things Vasilieva at the moment. Here are couple of snapshots from my current collection lensed to my highest expectations by Oona and designed and produced by me. Head over to my website to discover everything else.

I am anxious to hear what you guys think and just to give a little more insight into the whole design process - all leathers used to produce the looks are recycled. Meaning I've been a frequent shopper at T2 (Belgian thrift stores) and have probably acquired all of the leather pants and skirts they had in stock over the last few months. Cut them up, cleaned them up, and sewn them up together... and perforated here and there too.

Everything is available at 48b rue Des Chartreux, Brussels (1st floor) and selected items will soon appear on my tictail. Most items can be reproduced made-to-measure.


  1. Anonymous26.10.13

    I love your collection, especially the last 2 items!

  2. So chic and edgy - I love it <3

  3. I absolutely love how all the leather is recycled to make such beautiful designs.. we need more designers like you and less fast fashion! The leather tee is my favourite of the pieces.

  4. Can I just say firts, wow that models hair!!!!!??? It's insane

    Collection looks really great!

  5. I love the collection and the campaign! You are so talented

    The Koalafornian x


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