14 (or otherwise past few weeks on randomness)

1. Lommelse Sahara sun hiding moment.
2. Brussels. Sablon. I was on my way from COS to the parking and saw this.
3. Non pink coat for this season.
4. Expanse of nothingness. The most perfect vast piece of land. This would probably rank second for me right after the Belgian seaside.
5. Exposed.
6. Head over here if you are interested in this one. #vintage #biker #leather
7. A piece of Parcours.
8. Redefining my second skin. New in from COS (which is being mentioned in such a short post twice already. this must really mean something).
9. At Emporio Armani store reopening in Antwerp. I believe what I have been doing at that very moment is called 'shoe gazing'.
10. Somewhere sometimes.
11. Sweater abuse moment right here right now.
12. Another bit of Armani.
13. Bolshoi as a backdrop. Moscow a couple of weeks ago.
14. New go to sweatshirt sent to me by the lovely people at PLNYLALA.


  1. Stunning! Loving this photo diary of randomness

    The Koalafornian x

  2. The lace brassiere is gorgeous Elena, but my fave shot is of you in the store, super super cool! Btw, I just uploaded my first ever ONE COAT, THREE WAYS triple outfit post on how to style one coat three ways, in this case, an outlet mall found CĂ©line runway coat. Seriously, it's guaranteed to PROVOKE! Even including a funny GIF of me at the end, so laugh away- #ProvokingCoats

    xx The Provoker

  3. love your photos <3


  4. Always falling for your beautiful random pics <3

  5. i love your photos and lifestyle....
    very well.
    your jacket ist so beateful.

    nils from germany


  6. Mooie foto's, die bordeaux sweatshirt is echt prachtig!
    Naomi, x


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