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Deviating from blacks to blues, yet keeping that solid presence of the former for certain upper body coverage options. Revived Levi's revolution is happening in my wardrobe as we speak, all thanks to a fruitful trip to Urban Outfitters in Brussels last week. The most extensive rack of denim cut-offs in pretty much any size or colour just killed me dead right there and then. And on top of that the full length denim was equally as good dating back to that coveted borderline of '80s to '90s moment. I only wish shorts could be still appropriate during the winter season, you see I'm just not really feeling that whole scenario with the tights right now (but I am so open to suggestions).

That little one piece number on the left is a T by Alexander Wang mesh insert swimsuit. I know I am not going to put it to use for another couple of months, but contemplating possible options for a mid winter holiday makes things a whole lot more interesting.

The rest of it all is a Zara pleather cami, HM Trend silk top and Topshop denim skirt


  1. love the top! :*

  2. Gorgeous. That sara top is perfection

    The Koalafornian x

  3. I love the denim shorts!!!

  4. Beautiful photographs!


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