on (ir)relevance of things

photos by Mila

Zara dress, HM hat, YSL sunglasses, Nepali hand crafted pashmina

Another take on that beanie and most basic everything else for a new day in paradise. I wasn't sure places like this even existed, but now I'm equipped with a full memory card of things to look at once I am on Belgian soil again. I love the idea of having a beanie while on a tropical island, even though most of the hotel crew keep on cracking jokes, suggesting I should get a hair cut instead of having to deal with my humidity challenged hair. It's nice to have things differently though... especially in a place where shoes are almost prohibited and you are encouraged to show up to dinner bare feet, while any other accessories including bags and such remain untouchable somewhere near my half unpacked suitcase.  

That Zara dress might possibly still be available in some of the stores. It could be in sales' leftovers though, if these are still in existence.


  1. Wow, that is paradise indeed! You look amazing, and the beach looks just perfect! Love the dress too.

    XO Imke

  2. The Maldives! Perfect location. Enjoy!


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