summer lineup

Summer lineup... In other words I am preparing for a little sunny getaway and spaghetti straps suddenly do matter in the middle of february. I should really be packing right now, but staring at things that soon be properly justified by the Indian ocean standards, I thought sharing some of the essentials with you would be just suiting.  Since I'm going to rely on minimum footwear arrangements for this one, ChloĆ© slides are key. Mostly for multifunctional day to night, non-stop, 24/7, go with everything kind of option. In terms of beauty arrangements it's all about mandatory sunscreen, lip balm (which was an unreal hotel score from one of my previous destinations, and I use it only when absolutely necessary... stupidly scared to run out with no available replacement options at hand), and skin recovery cream once damage is done (hope not). Spaghetti straps are by Dolce Vita  and I think hey call it Sabelle over there. That neighbouring sturdy piece is from Zara. Surprisingly this one is allowed to exist in medium only.

Have a good weekend and I'll see you soon with a dose of sunshine. But before that a quick stop in Moscow. Currently fantasising of a sunday brunch in the Vogue cafe.

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  1. All I can look at is the earring. Fabulous.


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