blue wall sunday

photos by Krassi

Zara dress and coat, Alexander Wang Siri pumps, Céline sunglasses

Blue wall sunday... Gravitating towards looser dresses (which are still capable of hiding my baby belly to a certain extent, not intentionally) and cropped tartan jackets. The two things I've been planning on wearing from the acquisition of both pieces. Think of january sales for a more accurate timeline. Heels are becoming harder and harder to bear, so I swiftly switched to a pair of Supergas right after the shoot, even though Siris are now a perfect fit for my swollen feet. I'm rhyming now... not on purpose. Changing gears. Anyway, love the idea of burgundy outerwear against white semi sheer pieces and a pair of big enough eyewear to hide behind for the rest of the week. Céline does this best.

Have a good monday, you guys!

PS. if you live in Belgium, they still have a few of those coats available at Zara Louise for 29€


  1. this look is fantastic!

    xoxo from rome

  2. I'm so excited I found your blog! Your style is awesome and your friend is a great photographer.

    x. jill
    beck daily

  3. Great backdrop. You look lovely.


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