thursday mornings

Thursday morning... not the most typical, but certainly most desirable. Spring sunshine allows for random routine deviations.

1. Kate... and fresh flowers I picked up early in the day... and that bare minimum of accessories, which are almost invisible, yet you would so notice if I wasn't wearing any.

2. Isabel Marant Ojima number right of SS'14 runway. Just for cases when I decide that marshmallow colours still matter and that top with a matching skirt will so be doing the trick.

3. Stack of magazines and a new favourite I discovered this morning - Copenhagen based FAT magazine. This one is really good on a level of no boundaries between fashion and art. Just get a copy and see for yourself. Pages of editorial you could most probably relate to. I picked mine up in Leuven International Press store. The rest is - things to shop for at mytheresa, Elle Collections and AnOther magazine, which I'm saving for later. Orange coloured drink is all carrots and chia seeds. I rarely have any other juices, but fresh fruits are more than ok.


  1. OMG that top!!!! I just died...

    Anneli x

  2. Crushing on the Marant purchase.

  3. Anonymous30.3.14

    your photos are always so ethereal and gorgeous <3

    Xo Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra


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