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photos by Krassi

HM Trend coat, Levi's vintage skirt, Topshop heels, HM henley, Jules Smith wire necklace

An ode to that coat... Possibly the best HM score in history of my shopping. I picked it up almost three years ago in Paris and so far it has always been on my go-to rack with no prospect of migrating at the back of the closet. I love that blankety / bathrobe feeling of it. Perfect for random wrap-ups or when thrown on top of tiny denim skirts (this one is the freshest cut-off from a pair of vintage Levi's, if you are living in Belgium, T2 will probably be your best bet for a fairly decent stock of these). Bare legs being a requirement there. And nude heels mostly likely too.

Ps. last shot - baby belly at 28 weeks, just in case you were wondering.


  1. you look absolutely stunning
    adore the coat

  2. Such a cozy look!

  3. Looks so cosy! Love the colour :)



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