at hm showroom | conscious

I went by the HM showroom in Brussels last thursday to preview their new conscious collection.

Racks of mesmerising pieces, which suddenly become even more appealing once you know their production backstory and sustainability commitments HM follows to make the collections happen. Some of the favourite pieces were the obvious crop tops in nude leather and mesh (which I will hopefully be able to pull off again at some point in mid July), a bunch of silk ruffled things with spaghetti straps (these are a must) and that 'bare' kind of footwear... with an option of perfectly merging with the skin tone. Love the kind of invisibility. Sounds lame, but it's true. It has always been either some bold black shoes or the ones that disappear from view and allow for any kind of colour palette stacked on top, especially when available in a heelless version. Perfect for daily abuse. The rest were heavily embellished things, where the amount of craftsmanship is on a level of surreal. Not entirely up my alley though, but so perfect to look at.

Most of the items will hit the stores in Antwerp and Brussels on the 10th of April. Let me know if you pick up anything then. And I will be biding my time until thursday to grab a couple of those nudes.


  1. Beautiful images, i love the atmosphere

  2. Love this collection

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  3. Loving the collection!


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