absolute dedication from now on

I have finally cracked the code on these sunglasses and have just figured out their multi purposeful styling possibilities... If you were to turn your regular glasses into a pair of sunnies this would probably be the way to do it. Clipping second set of lenses on and off is becoming a new fashion game.

I have made it through a day with the busiest schedule. Had granola with mango/passionfruit mash and some cottage cheese topped up with chia for breakfast. Went through a bunch of patterns for the new collection and somehow (in an obvious way though) got side tracked into making that trench coat I've been talking about in the previous post. Had a physiotherapist appointment about my strained muscle, which was almost as enjoyable as a decent spa massage. Drove home through the rain, while listening to randomness on the radio. Loving the fact that these days the light doesn't die until almost nine in the evening and then before you know it blue sky is back on again. Right now loading the Tree of Life on my computer in anticipation of some on screen brilliance.

Happy friday night!

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