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Picking up a Stella McCartney cardigan a couple of sizes bigger than I would usually wear and discounted down to a fraction of its original price is usually the essence of my designer (knitwear) shopping. It's almost like having a treasure chest of quality things that you know will last you a while (no matter the season). I'm just so tired of shopping trends as it feels like a never ending story, crazily addictive and no matter what you do you will never stay on top of the game. I'd rather collect vintage and past season essentials, which will still be relevant in a few years time. I'm being optimistic here. But hopefully. I'm getting side tracked here... so back to that cardigan. Love the idea of it being so big and slouchy, it's almost like a security blanket. Most perfect when thrown on top of a pair of tiny shorts in an iconic Levi's 501 kind of wash and a white cami. The above shot is from a rainy afternoon at home after spending an entire morning working at the studio. I can only do about five hours at a time now before really needing to take a horizontal position. So this is all perfect. Wrapped up to the point of never wanting to get out of that comfort zone.

ps. you can check out some of the past season items over here.


  1. It's so true about buying into trends that are inevitably short lived, I feel like you can get Topshop blindness and buy something only to get sick of seeing everyone else with the same thing!
    - Grace xx

  2. I try and by things that will stay fashionable and on-trend for longer than a season. Occasionally I will go out and buy something expensive and feel it's justified as I don't often do it!

    Haaappy Spring!
    Hailes Hearts Fashion.

  3. I completely agree with you and the previous comments, I'm absolutely fed up with seeing everyone sporting the same trends, it feels as though any sense of personal style is foreign to people these days. Great post, and I love how you write.



  4. Hi Elena,
    Congratulations on the wedding!! You looked stunning! I love your SS 14 collection!

    I always love a cozy oversized cardigan, it´s perfect with everything. Can´t wait to see it in an entire outfit!!

    Just found your profile at!!!It´s so cool!!!
    It was great to see that your Photo Diary from the Maldives, last March, is among your Top 3 Posts. The photos are so beautiful, it is one of my favorite posts as well. =)


  5. @Jennifer Moore

    oh, Thank you for the wishes. Glad to hear you are enjoying some of my posts. And thanks for the link. Wasn't aware of that site even existing)))


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