a hat day

photos by Krassi

Zara Studio coat, HM hat

Saturday evening pre-sunset chill in Belgium. Heatwaves are now compromised by random showers and a sudden breeze... All making things easier on my hay fever though. I love the idea of hats on spontaneous occasions (functionality and practicality aside). It just feels like a cool enough element to anything without having to over-accessorise. I wish I were a hat person 24/7, but most of the time I just forget I own a handful of those things. Even though buying hats is a completely different matter... And coats are definitely my thing especially during summer months, substituting cardigans and all kinds of sweaters and layered just over a basic tank. 

Golden hour and some random close-ups on the go.


  1. You look beautiful and that hat is perfect for you :)


  2. Beauty!!

  3. Anonymous16.6.14

    the hat is gorgeous and the coat is chic. I believe it would go well with our SYLVIE CAMI CREAM top by Love Like Ours (see below) from StyleCloset. I think you have such an awesome blog and i keep waiting for new posts. I really enjoy checking it out. Thanks for being one of the reasons why I love fashion bloggers. Cheers! :)


  4. @Rhine A

    Hi Rhine,

    Happy to hear you are enjoying the blog. And thanks a lot for the suggestions.


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