grey in bed

photos by Krassi

Wore pearls and angora for a comatose day in bed over the weekend. It was one of those moments when rain was hitting the ground with such an immense force, breaking branches, scattering randomness all over the city and darkness covered up the streets at about 11am. Not for long though.

I've had this dress from Cos for ages now and it just never becomes irrelevant (though leaving trails everywhere I go). I remember the times when I was just discovering what Cos was all about and this can easily qualify as a introductory instalment in my then haphazard wardrobe. Pearls are by Schoeffel. One of the first presents Krassi gave me after we met about seven years ago now. The two make all the perfect sense together. Don't mind whoever said that pearls are to be worn only in the Winter time. Another one of those cliché 'fashion rules'.


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