incentives for the near future

photos by Krassi

Stella McCartney cardigan, COS t-shirt, Levi's 501 vintage skirt, Jennie Ellen flats, Sophie Hulme bag, Alena Akhmadullina sunglasses

I'm breaking even with blue and denim this time around. It all just feels like a good pre-baby game to have myself wrapped up in blanket sized sweaters for comfort and for a weird sense of safety. It is absolute summer now. With one heat wave after another. And I had to store all things fuzzy away for a while. Racking my brain now about my limited stack of long enough t-shirts, which remotely fall within the confines of what is publicly appropriate for a 38 weeks bump. Still sincerely hoping that it will be pouring rain the day the baby comes. Preferably with thunder storms and lightning (no hail though, since Belgium has just had enough for the past couple of days) to keep my mind focused and calm. Weirdly complete downpours have tendency to work like that on me. But what are the chances.

For the time being I'm counting days till I'm back to the state of my regular wardrobe and possibly spending more time than ever at the studio trying to get as many new garments finished up as physically possible. Updates are coming up, but the first peaks will probably hit instagram much sooner.

ps. feel free to get in touch with my if you want to come by the studio and discover the new collection.


  1. You look great ! If you like we can follow eachohter on bloglovin or facebook ? :)
    Let me know

  2. Just discovered your blog!
    You have a follower more.

  3. Blue is beautiful on you.

  4. Blue is beautiful on you.


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