cloud wearing

photos by Krassi

HM Studio coat, Isabel Marant skirt, Prada platforms

Middle of august... fall kind of weather here in Belgium and my conceptual beliefs are shifting slowly towards all perfect 'sasquatch' kind of coats. Somehow I don't own very many as I always wrap myself up in highly versatile leather. But this number does the trick just as much, even though it feels like tiny skirts are a prerequisite. And I hope you've been paying attention to that mandatory cape option this coat has to offer. 

This hits the stores on september 4th.


  1. i have the same prada shoes! the epitome of a comfortable heel that I can wear for hours…

    that fluffy thing of a coat is gorgeous; i doubt I could pull it off like you…

  2. Perfect coat and shoes! Your poses are always stunning!

  3. Love the coat!



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