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Some of the HM Studio items, which hit selected stores today(!) and a bunch of random favourites to start off this thursday. Khaki sweater and sheer bell sleeves hit all the high notes for me especially when going back to all the possible combinations early fall has to offer. You know what I'm talking about here... skirts, and shorts, and bare legs, and covered up everything else. It's the kind of temperatures that give you plenty of options to toy around with and will probably last only for a couple of weeks. So go on and get your ultimate fall piece in Brussels or Antwerp today.

ps. in case you are new on here, check out some of the previous posts for details.

and you can ask me in comments for outfit details.


  1. Cool outfits girl, you always look amazing

    |e d i o t|

  2. Amazing pictures and that sweatshirt from H&M is absolutely beautiful!

  3. This H&M Studio collection is sooo good. And really decent price point too.
    Heading to London H&M flagship as soon as my lunch hour hits!

    Anneli x

  4. I love the Yeti jacket look ! :)


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