in a grid

photos by Krassi

Zara sweater (now in stores), Céline pants and shoes, Illesteva Beca sunglasses

Photo overload of my go to September attire when I take Noémie for an evening stroll. She is almost three months now. Time goes by incredibly fast and I am finally getting to grips with what motherhood is all about. Well, at least I hope so. But as I promised to myself no baby talk on the blog (just maybe a mention from time to time though), here goes a little bit about the look. Love that extra slouchy sweater people at Zara came up with for the season. It is that perfect cover up, yet so close to 'nothing'. Totally detail-less, hence perfect with everything. Pants and shoes are all time favourites. Can never get enough of that combo. It's almost like the two were meant for each other. 

I'm diving into the dreamland as we speak. Still trying to catch up on some sleep for the past couple of months. 
Have a great weekend, you guys!

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