This goes in honour of Céline. Thank you Phoebe Philo for existing.

I've had the trapeze for countless seasons now and it just feels like it will be forever eternal (sorry for rambling)...


  1. Perfection <3 I love the felt!

    Lisa – AT LEAST BLOG

  2. It's all about this bag! True perfection :)

  3. Oh it's so pretty. But so are all your bags.

    I see you have removed the vasilieva collection from your shop. In particular, the orange coat, will you restock?. X

  4. In love with anything by Celine!

    it's always so good to find a blogger with a similar fashion style to mine!

    Hope we can stay in touch!

  5. @ASH

    hi Ash!!

    thanks for the comment. I'm currently taking a break from the designing (except blogging) until june next year and spending this time with my daughter. I will be updating my tictail store with some of the new items in the upcoming weeks, but there won't be almost anything I created. New collection will be available as of next summer. But in case you are interested in any of the items I used to have on there just write me an email. The orange coat is still available though.

    Hope you had a lovely weekend.

    Elena x

  6. @stone fox interrupted

    Hi, Thanks for the comment!!

    Would definitely love to stay in touch!!


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