This shot should have come as an add on to the previous post, but it might just as well be a follow up. All things cozy just around the holidays season. I somehow morphed into someone living in flats only and chunky sweaters are sort of a routine now. And then Yoox happened to randomly stock up on CĂ©line slip-ons in pretty much all the sizes. I just couldn't sit this one out, especially at a fraction of a price. So loving these with a heavy knit (& Other Stories) and then a pair of leather pants. Cropped though. Ankle reveal is important here. And I am actually thinking of the ones Isabel Marant did for H&M, but they are nowhere to be found right now. Or am I wrong?


  1. Oh, these are so pretty!!

  2. Lovely shoes!

  3. I'm drooling!!



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