them jeans

#DENIMxAW is a hashtag worth checking out if you are on instagram. The moment Alexander Wang and denim became one, not giving these (zero polyester) jeans a try would have been a crime on my part. So I did. No regrets there. Seriously good denim, sought after for years. That so close to the good old '90s blue wash and a tiny amount of leather detailing make everything perfect. I got mine about a size (or two) bigger for a more relaxed fit. And of course got in a tub, just to test drive that wash, while being oh so ignorant to the care instructions recommending dry cleaning and occasional spot-washing only.

Head over here and check out the entire range. It's awesome.

ps. outfit shots are coming up soon.


  1. Girl, I absolutely love what are u doing! You've got awesome style and you are a small ikon in a big fashion world but everyone want to be as you! Chers

  2. @Ola

    happy to hear you are enjoying it on here

  3. the water reflection looks incredibly baeutiful


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