photos by Mila

Whistles faux fur (now on sale), Céline trousers, Stella McCartney sweater, Zara flats, Woodsun Ping Pong sunglasses

Climbed up the bench in the park for an extra dose of sunlight. But other than that here goes the favourite combination for semi warm days, when crisp vanilla fur serves just right outside its usual habitat coupled up with a pair of smartest pants I own. Taking it all in a couple of days ago and waiting impatiently for all the greenery to happen in the city. Think picnic times on the grass while casually (but mostly lazily) gazing at life rushing by.

Hope you are all happy and well shielded from all the ghastly winds of today.


  1. really love the shadows in these

  2. These photos are fantastic. You also make me wanna shop my hair off straight away. XO Naomi in Wonderland


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