no trainers

photos by Mila

Acne Studios jacket and sweater, Zara denim jacket, R13 jeans, Céline flats

I'm pretty lazy these days, so everything I wear for the casual outings is being based on the things currently present on the eye level shelves of my wardrobe. Here go the unconditional layers to partially match up the mid march blues, but mostly to be able to properly function in that pair of Célines until it gets unbearably hot to have these on. A bunch of my trainers have just been donated to the ever handy green/red containers (those living in Belgium will know), so I've challenged myself to spend the rest of spring in the primsolls and another mighty pair of Chucks.

Layered up denim and shearling and the most perfectly versatile Acne sweater there is.


  1. Fantastic outfit, so comfy and casual!

  2. That jacket looks so comfy. This is my ideal outfit. Love it!


  3. if anyone ever buys me acne ill love them forever

  4. Coat - cool!


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