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Here goes...

It’s been a long road since it all started and now it feels like things have unravelled in that exact way… everything is just as it should have been. No regrets, even though a ton of mistakes have been made and even more lessons were learnt. It is close to midnight as I type this and Noémie is fast asleep. I’m sitting at the kitchen counter as our entire apartment is covered in darkness and the only light is the one projected by the monitor of my mac. It’s dimmed to the point of being barely there. So akin to the one emitted by a candle. 

I’ve been meaning to write this for ages. Well, at least these things have been cooking up in my brain from the moment Noémie was born. And it’s been nearly nine months now. Time flies. Yet it feels like we've had her for always and she's been in our lives from the start. I just can’t remember the times without her anymore. Everything has changed though. It’s been a big, dramatic turn around with other significant and not so alterations here and there. I am not blogging as much as I used to and even though I miss the idea of sharing those bits and pieces with you guys, it is now an entirely different process. I have my hand full pretty much 24/7, since caring for a baby isn’t easy (an in case you are reading this and thinking nonsense, I’m a mom and I can juggle everything, career, kid, personal life – I truly admire what you can do). I’ll start from the beginning and break it down as I go as there have been a number of things that are currently shaping my life and possibly my future... 

to be continued

ps. there is no resisting that golden light


  1. I.KNOW. How you feel. And it's wonderful. It will go on getting even more wonderful ;}

  2. Such a wonderful post, Len. Pust' vse budet horosho - glavnoe, chtobi na dushe bilo spokoino, i v sem'ie - schast'e. A vse ostal'noe poluchitsa. x

  3. i wasn't on the blogsophere for some time and you have a daughter! omg time does flies

    you're smarter and stronger than u know. good luck in everything!



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