backpacking in the magic land

photos by Delphine

Levi's jeans, Zara flats (+ occasional Converse), Saint Laurent backpack, & Other Stories linen t-shirt 

Reworked vintage Levi's jeans are all I live in right now. So refreshingly good to have denim without any stretch in it and most perfectly suitable for laying around the blooming wonderland (especially after it just rained).


  1. so fairy-tale like! You must put together a coffee table book with all your beautiful images...I would definitely buy it!

  2. this is probably the best fashion blog I've seen since mine blogging "career" (8 yrs).
    I could go through all your post over and over again and not stop for a minute.
    love your projects and especially your writing - artist from head to toe!
    thank you for sharing your world, looks amazing.

  3. @Olga Nikolskaya

    oh, I hope one day I will!!

  4. @Baśka

    So happy to hear you like it on here (didn't mean to make it rhyme)!!


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