cyber vacation

Beach day vibes in the Belgian mist. It's pouring outside as I type this, but at least I can entertain my brain with a dose of cyber vacation essentials and have all my options sorted out when it comes to the real thing. Lovely guys from Kini got in touch with me introducing a very cool concept of creating your own bikini. So I really just went for it... red and white halter neck and a pair of tiny briefs. I loved the idea of letting your creativity go graphic (in my case) and getting that awesome piece of beachwear no one else has. The rest are some random essentials and a pair of platforms from Minelli, which I'm thinking will do best in a floral setting. But... just wait and see.


  1. How AMAZING is Kini Swimwear? Their custom designs are seriously damn fabulous and perfect for summer (or a summer vacay!).

    Wishing you a very happy cyber vacation (and maybe a real one very soon!).

  2. are those flatforms waterproof?

  3. @Kiara King

    Kini swimwear is pretty awesome. Right in time for a REAL vacation. So looking forward to it))) Updates will definitely follow


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