secret garden

photos by Krassi

Acne Studios Raya cardigan, Dorothee Schumacher cashmere sweater, Theyskens' Theory skirt, Zara flats, Vasilieva bag

Cardigan season in full mode. Shot these last weekend, while the weather was trying to decide on a very probable raining scenario. Wore layers of all the favourite knits I own plus flats. Heels are just making my life that much harder right now.

Today. Working on a bunch of projects, figuring out whether not cutting my hair and letting it grow out makes sense, and trying to square away travel plans for this month... Bulgaria is up next and hopefully Russia after that. The rest of the Summer months are pretty blank at the moment, but I'm working on filling them up with beach, sand and salt in my hair kind of days. How about you?


  1. pure magic, along with the previous post - magicmagicmagic!

    planning simple future is not easy as it seems. let your plans flow with your needs :)

  2. Great cardigan and fats! I have already planned almost my whole Summer and so far, it looks very good, I'm predicting a lot of work, but a lot of fun too. :)

  3. This look and all the shots are so amazing. You look absolutely stunning x

  4. what a comfortable outfit! cut out flats look cute too


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