white house by the beach kind of sundae, i guess

photos by Delphine

Vintage Levi's, Nasty Gal faux fur cardigan, HM body suit, Alexander Wang Fabiana sandals, Woodsun Ping Pong sunglasses

An ode to shredded vintage denim. I kind of wish I was wearing a thermal under that jacket back then, but sunlight peeking through the curtains as I type this makes it all ok. 

The beach house season in Belgium is starting so so soon.


  1. Such a lovely look and amazing shots. Love the white x

  2. Beautiful. What camera are you using now Elena? x

  3. @ASH

    Hey, I still use my good old Canon 5d mark ii and for the most part my trusty 24-70mm lens, even though I tend to experiment with 85 mm sometimes too. Still getting a hang of it though. Settings are tricky sometimes, esp when there is too much light. These shots are 85mm.

  4. Fantastic shoes and jacket! You always look so unique!



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