florence coenraets

photos by Krassi and me

Most whimsical head pieces I've ever come across... designed and created by Florence Coenraets in Brussels. So I purposefully gathered all my levi's (two in total) and we headed down to the Knokke beach for a dose of sunlight. The car was eating up miles on a quiet Sunday freeway making its way towards the seaside and bringing us closer to what eventually turned out to be a grey midday drizzle translating into an 'ok' weather around lunch hour. We shot a couple of things while indulging in wind messing with my hair and occasional sun beams peeking through the clouds. I loved the idea of feathers juxtaposed against the wanderlust vibe of Levi's denim. So carefree and almost on a brink of that 'zero gravity' feeling. I'm growing so addicted to feathers right now, especially paired up with slouchy knitwear, dressing up a look to a point of 'loving it casual, but still wanting more' kind of setting.

ps. see more of Florence Coenraets pieces over here.


  1. LOVE all of the photos! There's a fabulous feel on them.


  2. Amazing head pieces, and also great pictures!

  3. Love all of your posts! x


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